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My name is Grzegorz Kozak and have been designing for 4 years. This website presents part of my projects created during this period. If you want to watch them – just scroll down and you’ll find my portfolio. But if You want to find out who I am, what are my interests and what is my philosophy of work – read on :-) .

My design principles:

The most important principle that I put into creation is to combine functionality with attractive design and, above it all, fit the style to the task, which project has to complete. This requires considerable skills and effort, that’s why I don’t like to work under time pressure. Each project must be thoroughly prepared, preceded by developing an overall concept, drawing many sketches and finally designing the most appropriate proposals for the client. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time…

I work on:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Aptana Studio/Dreamweaver


  • Graphic and industrial design
  • Typography
  • Traditional photography
  • History of Arts and composition principles
  • Gureilla Advertising

Technologies I use:

  • html/css
  • ActionScript 3
  • jQuery « I’m still learning that

I work/ed with:

  • WRO Art Center
  • El Periodico – Advertising agency
  • Centrum Produkcji Reklamowej (Advertisment Production Centre) – Advertising agency
  • Future4net – Interactive agency
  • Fabryka światła (Light Factory) – Advertising agency

If You want to be on that list, contact with me!
See You soon!

BIG thanks

I would like to thank cssmania, cssnack, spyrestudios, cssline, onepagelove, cssperk, designer-daily, illustrationtoolbox, spicygraphic, admixweb, webexpedition18, designtutorials4u, cssgalery and many other websites for appreciating my portfolio site :-)


New portfolio

Soon my portfolio webpage will be replaced with new one!

Dorota Studio – Wedding Photographer

This unusual website was designed for Dorothy Sawuła, talented artist and creative wedding photographer from Lublin, Poland. Inspiration for this project was an interior of old photography atelier from 20s. I decided to use Wordpress CMS engine, so Dorothy could easily manage content on the website (adding/removing/changing photos) at any time. To complete the impression of visiting old photography studio, I decided to put a gramophone whitch plays back an old melody from the 20s.
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Platon Gallery in Wroclaw

Website design for one of the biggest, commercial Gallery of fine arts in Wroclaw. Main goal of this project was to create simple and elegant structure, which would allow to present Artists and their work in accesible and comfortable way. Site is based on Wordpress CMS, which allows easy management of content on website.
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The Photographer Pub

The idea for the artwork has came to me at the time of designing a logo. The project refers to an old camera, where each subpage is placed on photo cartridges, which can be freely pulled out. Background is a scan of original wallpaper in pub. Whole site was written HTML / CSS. Website is based on WordPress CMS, allowing client to change the content. Additionally, every visitor has access to the Gallery, where he/she can put his/hers own photos.

Words Factory – splash screen

The project involved the creation of a welcome screen for the well-known publishing house. The aim was to develop an universal layout, which could easily transfer users to particular websites. To increase the attractiveness of the project, I decided to use Flash technology, which gave me opportunity to create more advanced animation. Thanks to the script, the client can freely change the magazine cover, presented as a hologram.
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Sand in Gears – Word Factory blog

Wordpress theme for Fabryka Słów (Words Factory) – polish publishing company, which specializes in publishing fantasy/sci-fi books. The appearance of the blog had to refer to word “factory”. I’ve concentrated on showing the abandoned, dirty interior of unknown factory. Whole theme was written in html/css except pressure gauge – used as a menu – which was created in Flash to imitate movement of indicating needle.

Moge Wiecej

Mogę Więcej (I can do more) is an initiative of Lublin’s foundation – Posits. It’s goal is to promote education in Lublins district. Aim of this project was to “tidy up” large ammount of information and enclose it in simple and esthetic layout, which eases navigation for every – even inexperienced – user. Like others, it’s based on Wordpress, with some simple javascript elements like menu. If javascript is turned off, it still allows user to navigate through submenus present on every category subpage.
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Stanislas Kostka homepage

A project dedicated to the Stanislaw Kostka – painter who – as one of the few – is specializing in old, Dutch painting techniques. Overall concept was made under strong influence of his paintings and after consultations with artist. Because of the painters commitment to detail, you can find magnifying glass on the main page which allows you to see one of his paintings in great detail.

Whole website (except welcome screen) was created in Flash, allowing for better interaction with the user.
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With New Media Labs we developed graphic design for Facebook app called Kasomierz. Since it’s task is to manage our home budget, I decided to make this layout as a fridge front, on which we put various information with magnets. Additional mobile version allows to manage application from mobile phone.

PGE S.A. – Annual Report (digital version)

Along with Charakter Consulting in cooperation with Orpha (which is specializing in designing annual reports for the biggest corporations in Poland) we developed project of annual report for PGE S.A. It’s digital equivalent had to refer to it’s paper original. To save space on layout, I decided to hide menu on left hand side of page, which moves into page only when needed. It was coded into HTML/Css with PHP elements.
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Valhalla – tattoo studio

Unrealized project for a tattoo studio, located in Lublin, Poland. The inspiration for this design was a sign located in one of the studios: name burned in metal plate. Layout was to be a raw, cold, referring to the steampunk mood. Page was to be written entirely in Flash technology and based on a simple CMS, allowing to change content on this website (i.e. adding pictures to the gallery).

Pod Arkadami

Pod Arkadami offers potential clients two ways of using it’s space: as a wedding or conference hall. To distinguish those two offers, site has been divided into two parts, where main difference color used on each part: bright for wedding hall and darker for conference hall.

Innovation Portal – splash screen

Our task with New Media Labs was to create splash screen for Innovation Portal (Portal Innowacji). Main goal was to tidy up large amount of available links to make it easy and interesting to navigate. Clicking on sign direction reveals card, where are individual links, which are leading us to certain pages of Portal.

Other projects

Those projects were not used in any websites, but I decided to show them anyway…


The Photographer Pub – Logo

Logo for The Photographer Pub was supposed to be a lifting of previously proposed (quite badly designed) logo presenting a camera. As the project evolved, I decided to depart from the original concept and concentrate on the name of the pub. As a result I made proposals, where the main motive is the silhouette of a photographer with old, folding camera.

Management Trainee – Logo

Logo was created for the competition which was organized by a company that wanted to provide students and graduates further development of their skills. Because project was targeted to young people who just starded their career, I decided to design a positive, quite entertaining logo. The letters M and T make up the silhouette of an elephant, a symbol of happiness and success.

History of Art Science Club – Logo

Logo for the Scientific Society of Art Historians at the Catholic University of Lublin was a challenge: I wanted to create project which refers to recognizable work of art. The choice fell on the Nike of Samothrace – very expressive, antic sculpture. The shapes of this masterpiece very well fit into the letters H (robe) and S (wings), which are intials of polish word “History of Art” (Historia Sztuki). I deliberately emphasized wings as symbol of freedom of young students minds.

Edward Hartwig – Logotype

This logotype was specially designed for Edward Hartwig exhibion, held in Gallery One. During designing I came across an old photography signed by Artist, which served me to as a model for this logotype. Expressive form of this signature and severe lettering of baseline made this logotype formal.

Legal Advisor Justyna Burek – Elements of Corporate Indentity

Project involved creation of logo, bussines cards and letterheads. Signature in logo is signature of legal advisor, sherif font used in baseline makes this logo elegant and formal.


The Views – Exhibition brochure

Folder accompanying the exhibition, organized by the WRO Art Center. Main motive of this publication are three colored lines present in a simple logotype. These lines meander between the projects of individual artists, thereby separating them from each other. The first page was designed so it could serve also as a poster. The other side has been divided into two parts, where upper part describes the individual artists and their works, while lower contains a brief description of the exhibition in the Polish and English.

EPAR folder

Working with Charakter Consulting we have designed corporate identity for EPAR project, which develops revulutionary infention of Lucjan Łągiewka. Along with logo, we designed an informative folder, presenting general ideas of this invention. Double-sided, folded into 3, with UV coating.

The Photographer Pub – Menu

While designing a website and logo for The Photographer Pub I was asked to create a menu for this restaurant. The first idea was to create a menu based on the website concept, where individual sections were pulled out from the camera-cover – just like the photo cartridges. Unfortunately, cost of this menu would be too high, so I decided to design more traditional layout, resulting in sleek black menu.

Ofensywa – Composition print

Working on student magazine Ofensywa (Offensive) is linked with the begginings of my work as desk top publisher. Along with Kuba Jakubowski and other students of the Faculty of Art we created first pagination project. The youth, socio-cultural nature of the magazine gave us great opportunities in the design matter. This publication has met with positive public comments and it is published to this day.

Edward Hartwig – Exhibition catalogue

Since the planned budget for this publication was very limited, number of pages was reduced to 10. I decided on a sleek, horizontal layout, to make catalogue form more attracitve and elegant. I’ve put great attention to subtle typography, entirely in keeping up with the theme of the exhibition.

Grzegorz Kozak © 2010


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